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  The capital of Taiwan, Taipei is the political, financial, and cultural lifeline of the island. It is a modern metropolis with world-class shopping, dozens of great museums, a wide variety of excellent restaurants, and history, all connected seamlessly by one of the best public transportation systems in the world.

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Explore Taipei

  Taipei is well known for its connivance; all major attractions are within 30 minutes of drive. APSR 2018 had selected top 10 sights for you to explore and discover. Don’t forget to share your experience with us when you visit these sights.

Taipei 101                                                         Maokong Gondola

Shilin Nightmarket                                            Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall


There are two International airports in Taipei.

  Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is the most convenient airport for traveling to Taipei, with airlines from all around the world flying in on regular schedules. Located approximately 50 kilometers from TICC, we recommend hopping into a taxi or airport shuttle (No.1960 to Grand Hyatt Hotel) for the most direct and seamless way to get to Xinyi District.

  The Taipei Songshan Airport primarily provides services to locations in Taiwan, as well as other locations in Asia, including Seoul, Tokyo, mainland China, and other countries. It is significantly closer to TICC (30 mins drive to TICC).

  Taxi fare from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City will cost approximately NTD1,200, and from Songshan Airport about NT$500.


  Northern Taiwan has a subtropical climate. Daytime temperatures in Taipei in December are around 22°C (71°F), falling to around 16°C (60°F) in the evening. Participants are advised to bring light and warm clothing and basic rain wear.


  The official language in Taiwan is Mandarin. English is widely spoken and the Taiwanese are friendly, you can easily ask for or clarify directions as needed; and most signs for destinations and on public transportation are in English too. However, some taxi drivers might have limited ability to speak English. We recommend you carry Mandarin translations for places you're going to and hotel address card to show to the driver.

Getting around in Taipei city

  In Taiwan, taxis are in yellow and can be found at taxi ranks in the city and at major locations such as hotels and airports. Taxis can also be hailed in the street in Taipei City. Uber is also available.


  The Taipei metro is often the fastest and most convenient mode of public transport in Taipei. Train arrives on average every 3 to 5 minutes, and the average time between stations in metropolitan Taipei is around 2 mins.Smoking, eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not allowed inside the metro.

  One-way tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines at the station before passing through the gate. Daily and multi-day passes and EasyCard travel cards (pronounced “yo-yo card”) can be purchased at the information desk or EasyCard customer service center.

Taipei buses cover the whole city and are a good way to explore Taipei in depth.
Fares: Fares can be paid in coins or with the electronic EasyCard travel card. One trip or segment costs NTD15.

  If paying by EasyCard, swipe (tap) the card both upon getting-on and getting-off the bus and the bus fare will be deducted accordingly.

View more information on bus routes


  The YouBike network is integrated with the metro. YouBike stations are located outside every metro station and near most major sites in Taipei.

Currency/Banking/Credit cards


The official currency of Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (NTD), which is available in the following denominations:
(coins) $1, $5, $10, $50
(notes) $100, $200, $500, $1000
  Shops in Taiwan do not accept traveler’s checks, so visitors holding traveler’s cheques should have them converted into Taiwanese dollars at a bank.


  Opening hours are typically 9:30 to 15:30, Monday to Friday. ATMs are located throughout Taipei. The current exchange rate is approximately US$1 to NTD30 Foreign currencies can be redeemed upon arrival at the airport, in a bank, or at large department store authorized by the government to convert currencies.

Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay etc.) are accepted in most shops, hotels and restaurants.


Calling Taiwan from abroad

The International Code for Taiwan is +886. The city/county code for Taipei City landlines is 2, and the code for mobile phones is 9. To call Taiwan from abroad, dial the following:

exit code + 886+ county code+the phone number
E.g. to calla Taipei landline from Canada, dial: Call 011-886-2-12345678

To call a mobile phone from Canada, dial: Call 011-886-9-12345678

Time Difference

Taipei is 8 hours ahead of GMT. For more travel information to Taipei City, please visit the official Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City.

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