Best of SELSE

        Title Author

Overdrive Fault Attacks on GPUs Majid Sabbagh (Northeastern University)
Yunsi Fei (Northeastern University)
David Kaeli (Northeastern University)

TQEA: Temporal Quantum Error Analysis Betis Baheri (Kent State University)
Daniel Chen (Case Western Reserve University)
Bo Fang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Samuel A.,Stein (Fordham University)
Vipin Chaudhary (Case Western Reserve University)
Ying Mao (Fordham University)
Shuai Xu (Case Western Reserve University)
Ang Li (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Qiang Guan (Kent State University)

Simulation-based Fault Injection in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Modelled in SUMO Mehdi Maleki (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden)
Behrooz Sangchoolie (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden)