Industry Track

        Title Author

AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series – A Processor with Improved Soft Error Resilience Cristian Constantinescu (AMD)

Designing Adversarial Attack and Defence for Robust Android Malware Detection Models Hemant Rathore (Dept. of CS and IS, Goa Campus, BITS Pilani, India)
Sanjay K.,Sahay (Dept. of CS and IS, Goa Campus, BITS Pilani, India)
Jasleen Dhillon (Dept. of CS and IS, Goa Campus, BITS Pilani, India)
Mohit Sewak (Security and Compliance Research, Microsoft R & D, India)

Hardware Support for Low-Cost Memory Safety Rick Boivie (IBM Research)
Gururaj Saileshwar (Georgia Tech)
Tong Chen (IBM Research)
Benjamin Segal (IBM Research)
Alper Buyuktosunoglu (IBM Research)

SymPLe: Complexity-Aware Design for Safety Critical I&C Systems Richard Hite (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Abhi Rajagopala (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Smitha Gautham (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Christopher Deloglos (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Athira Jayakumar (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Aidan Collins (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Carl Elks (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Matt Gibson (Electric Power Research Institute)

The Importance of Safety Invariants in Robustness Testing Autonomy Systems Milda Zizyte (National Robotics Engineering Center)
Casidhe Hutchison (National Robotics Engineering Center)
Raewyn Duvall (Carnegie Mellon University)
Claire Le Goues (Carnegie Mellon University)
Philip Koopman (Edge Case Research)

A Matter of Trust: Verification of Security and Performance for Network Platform as a Service Tim Alberdingk Thijm (Princeton University)
Gary Atkinson (Nokia Bell Labs)
Lalita Jagadeesan (Nokia Bell Labs)
Marina Thottan (Nokia Bell Labs)

Near-Realtime Server Reboot Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis in a Large-Scale System Fred Lin (Facebook Inc.)
Bhargav Bolla (Facebook Inc.)
Eric Pinkham (Facebook Inc.)
Neil Kodner (Facebook Inc.)
Daniel Moore (Facebook Inc.)
Amol Desai (Facebook Inc.)
Sriram Sankar (Facebook Inc.)

SERMiner : A Framework for Early-stage Reliability Estimation for IBM Processors Karthik Swaminathan (IBM Research)
Ramon Bertran (IBM Research)
Hans Jacobson (IBM Research)
Pradip Bose (IBM Research)
Matthias Pflanz (IBM Systems)
Doug Balazich (IBM Systems)

BACgraph: Automatic Extraction of Object Relationships in the BACnet Protocol Herson Esquivel-Vargas (University of Twente)
Marco Caselli (Siemens AG)
Andreas Peter (University of Twente)